Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We use NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Nets to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.


Chatbots work 24X7, 80% of the information required by the customer is available on your website but the customer does not understand how and where to look for the data.

AI-based chatbots use natural language processing to decode the customer's requirements from plain text and can retrieve the response from structured/unstructured data with extremely high efficiency

Sentiment Analysis

We use NLP to analyze customer reviews on products and analyze why certain products are being preferred over the others. These help identifying key improvement areas in products, what aspects of top selling products customers like.

Custom Machine Learning Solutions

We create custom solutions using relevant machine learning applications based on your use case.

Typically these would involve

  1. Large amounts of unstructured data
  2. Any text analytics
  3. Image recognition/Computer Vision applications.

The applications could typically be in anomaly detections, predictions of future states, or simply classifications of customer/sales data to understand patterns driving sales.

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