Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging AI for your Business

A lot of companies have a huge amount of data they have collected over many years purely from the perspective of investigation / troubleshooting. However, with the advent of powerful machine learning algorithms and ease of access to computing capabilities companies now are prioritizing top pain points that they can predict and take actions to address them.
But the real charm Irrespective of the industry is that companies are bringing together their multiple data sources to create the kind of data lake that will give them the power to analyse customer behaviour and upsell, improving revenues.
Increase in Sales

Increase in Sales

Sentiment analysis of products / services basis user reviews
Advances in NLP helps use and better understand customer reviews patterns on products and analyze why certain products are being preferred over the others.
The same can also be done to analyze brands
Upselling products / services
Clustering algorithms are used to group your clients with similar buying patterns. Based on this, products are identified for upsell or selective promotions

Improved Customer Service

Better recommendation and query response
NLP Chatbots are being significantly used today to ensure 24X7 customer support.
70% of customer queries are handled using chatbots. They can not only address concerns that customers have but can also recommend and suggest product services basis customer queries
Increase in Sales
Optimised Costs

Optimised Costs

Preventive Maintanence
Identifying abnormalities in machine behaviour patterns enabling timely machine maintenance, preventing costly downtimes
Other Cost Optimization Avenues
Algorithms are helping analyse interactions between multiple factors like temp, humidity, and data from many other connected devices to drive significant power optimizations